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coating and restoration for commercial and residential low slope roofs


Restore and protect large roof areas for commercial, business, and residential properties - save up to 30% in energy costs!

GE Silicone



Making their first commercial appearance in 1944, silicones were an entirely new class of synthetic substances with unusual origins and unexpected properties, and were the culmination of work that General Electric Company began in the development of silicones as early as 1932*.



GE Silicones has come a long way since then and is dedicated to pushing beyond the ordinary to help solve the challenges your projects face. We bring decades of innovation and dedication to your jobsite—from the boot soles that took the very first steps on the moon to the high-performance silicone sealants used on the restoration of the Empire State Building.

Built to Last


By working closely with you to clearly understand your needs, we can help put our silicone innovation to work in your building. GE Silicones Sealants and coatings have the strength, resiliency, and longevity to help ensure that your project is done right and remains protected for the long haul.